Educational Outcomes

100% of Next Generation Scholars gain acceptance to 4 year colleges

Today, 92% of Next Generation Scholars are thriving in some of America's best colleges.

Next Generation are currently attending: Stanford, UCSD, Santa Clara University, Tufts, Tulane, University of Redlands, NYU, University of thePacific, Gonzaga, Boston University, UCD, USC, UCSC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Claremont McKenna, Occidental, Weslayan, Boston College, Yale, Tulane, Vassar, Willams, Georgetown, SF State and many more.

Educational outcomes are of the utmost importance to attaining the Next Generation Scholars mission. Each student in our programs has his/her own individualized curriculum with specific academic and emotional goals. Close attention is paid to ensure each scholar fulfills his/her potential.

Next Generation Scholars are not selected solely on the basis of their prior academic achievement. While the lowest GPA accepted is a 2.3, there are many bright students who come into our program who have not achieved the academic success their drive and intelligence would normally have produced. The gross majority of our students see a marked GPA jump within the first 3 months of becoming a Next Generation Scholar. Students in the Middle School Program often come to us from Sheltered English classes. To date, every student in Sheltered English has risen to become a part of their grade appropriate English program. Students in our SAT/ACT test prep classes have enjoyed an average 200 point jump in scores.

Beyond grades and scores, Next Generation Scholars have reputations at their schools for being engagingthoughtful contributors to class discussions. Breaking past sterotypes for marginalized/low income students of color, they are thriving in honors and Advanced Placement classes in their schools.