Community Impact

“True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Next Generation Scholars takes Dr. Kings' dictum on the presence of justice as the guiding principle in its selection of scholars. All Next Generation Scholars are selected for their commitment to achieving America's promise of equality and justice for all. Scholars go far beyond their high school's required community service hours and truly engage in the struggle for social justice in our communities.

Students start by studying the history of social justice movements in America. Through their study of the Civil Rights Movement, migratory workers' rights, the feminist and gay pride movements, the L.A. walkouts, and the fight for redress for Japanese-Americans, students gain insight into the injustices in our community that directly affect them. Given this historical understanding, they are then able to formulate action plans for social justice projects in their own communities.

The Phoenix Project – Sergei Hanukovich

Sergei is a tremendous young activist. Growing up in a childhood fraught with violence, Sergei could have chosen to bury his pain or act out negatively. Instead, this young man has become a champion in the struggle against violence in our community. By sharing his own story of survival, this young man has organized fellow young survivors to bear witness and to give a face to the statistics. Through his work at schools and community centers, Sergei has given young survivors across the county the chance to rise above violence and to ensure their right to a safe childhood.