Community Impact

100% serve those in need through community uplift projects of their own design

100% continue to engage in community service in their college communities


  • Jardin de Justicia – Organic garden to feed the people by the people
  • Marinovate – Tech access and education for the poor
  • Phoenix Project – Violence survivors breaking the silence
  • Music lessons for new immigrant children
  • Youth for Obama
  • Hip Hop dance classes for underserved students
  • English classes for new immigrant children
  • Einstein Explorations – Lab based science classes for low incomes students
  • Murieta Project – Recycling children’s clothes and distributing them in the Canal District
  • Healthy after-school snack program for low income students
  • Ecobaby – recycling baby clothes and goods into low income communities
  • Three Pots – Creating organic gardens for apartment balconies
  • Soccer camps for low income students
  • Immigration assistance for low income families
  • Poetry classes for immigrant children
  • Xicano studies for elementary students
  • Art classes for low incomes students
  • Youth Pride Coalition – Marin’s first and only Pride Parade Float
  • Anti-Dating violence campaign in the new immigrant community
  • Cancer patient support for low income families
  • Academic after-school support program for Venetia Valley School
  • Dissection Access for all – Humane dissection labs made accessible to schools where biology labs had been cut from the budget.