Profile of Clients

Since its inception in 2003, the overwhelming majority of Next Generation Scholars' students (NGS) have come from low-income families – NGS utilizes a fee-for-service model for students from middle and upper income families. The revenue generated from serving students with privilege supports our work with low-income students.

Nearly all NGS students live in central and north Marin – areas with the highest density of residents living in poverty.

NGS actively recruits and serves an equal percentage of female and male students. Given the educational data regarding the significantly diminished outcomes for low income, young males of color, NGS places a high priority on recruiting males to balance the female participation.

The students served by NGS are racially and ethnically diverse – much more so than the larger demographics of Marin County. NGS also devotes particular attention to reaching the main underperforming student populations (Latino, African American, and new immigrant Asian) within the public schools in central and north Marin.