High School Program

The award winning Next Generation Scholars High School Program is a year round, comprehensive, academic program. Since Next Generation Scholars' inception, 100% of the students in this program have gained acceptance to selective 4 year colleges. Today, Next Generation Scholars are thriving at Stanford, UCSD, Santa Clara University, Tufts, University of Redlands, NYU, University of Pacific, Gonzaga, Boston University, Brown University, UCD, USC, UCSC, Claremont McKenna, UC Berkeley, Occidental, Wesleyan, Boston College, UCLA, Yale, Tulane, Vassar and many more.

This program meets for college level lectures twice weekly. Our college access centers is open late in the evening, 4 days a week. Outside of lecture, students meet one-on-one with counselors and tutors throughout the week. Our College Access Center is open from 1:30 in the afternoon until late in the evening four days a week. It is usually filled with sudents who come for academic help with school assignments and projects, help their more privileged peers get at home. They and their families also use this after work time to seek wrap-around social services and supportive counseling.

This is an important time for our center. It is over the evening meal that we build strong, caring human connections with our students and their families as we make sure their needs and concerns are addressed. For many of our students learning is not cool amongst their peers. Our center becomes their sanctuary where inquiry, problem solving and creativity are prized. It is when college level discussions are spontaneously held, collaborations between teachers are built and students' dreams about college are put into words. Elements of the High School Program are outlined below.