College and Beyond

Scholars and their families continue to receive support through out their four years of college and beyond. This support is integral to ending the cycle of poverty, as retention in college is of the utmost importance. The following are services offered to all scholars in college and beyond.

Internships, Fellowships, Jobs

Internships, fellowships and jobs are a challenge to secure in the current job market. They require glowing applications and resumes. We advise students on how to apply for positions and help them through the entire application process. We also have connections with other community based organizations and corporations across the country who hold positions for Next Generation Scholars.

Emotional Support

The emotional health of our scholars is key to college success. The intensity of course work, separation from family, and cultural adjustment can be overwhelming for students. Next Generation Scholars works with both families and students to ease this transition to ensure each scholar thrives in their college experience.

Resume help

From resume workshops to one-to-one guidance, Next Generation Scholars helps each of their scholars build a strong resume reflecting the talents and skills they have acquired both inside and outside of the classroom.

Course Selection

From Interrogating Masculinities, Wealth & Poverty to Economics 101, the expansive choices of college courses is an exciting process. Next Generation Scholars helps each of its students assess their goals and select courses that will fulfill their college requirements as well as contribute to their intellectual passions.

Financial Aid Help

Financial aid packages may change from year to year during college. We provide explanations and advice to make sure students make informed financial decisions and continue to receive the funding they need to complete their college educations and beyond.

Grad School Counseling

Higher education does not end with graduation from a four year college. Many of students look forward to pursuing their education in graduate school. We make sure students complete the prerequisites for graduate school and then help them select and apply to graduate programs that will fulfill their passions and interests while assuring that they complete the prerequisites for a top graduate school. Graduate level standardized test prep groups are also available at our center.

Parent Support

Although parents proudly support the higher education of their children, their children's absence from home may cause difficult changes in the family dynamics. We help parents overcome these challenges in multiple ways. From counseling to fulfilling basic needs, all the way to helping parents with employers, medical care and housing; Next Generation Scholars is there every step of the way.