Want to become our Fairy Godparent? Just grant us a wish off of our wish list. To see what we have been wishing for just click this link. With everything from literary criticism to paper towels on the list there are so many ways to make our wishes come true.

Our Wish list

Next Scholars is a non-profit organization that exists through the generosity of our donors. Without them, we would not be able to provide the unique bundle of services upon which our student thrive. Whatever you donate will go directly to helping our students fulfill their potential. A little goes a long way. Donations of any amount make a difference.

Next Generation Scholars is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. All donations to Next generation Scholars are tax deductible.

In the past, donations have helped in the following ways.

$50 buys fresh fruit snacks for the students for a week.

$100 buys a graphing calculator for advanced math and the SATs.

$150 covers materials fees for a single student for one year.

$300 takes the entire class to the theater.

$500 pays for a bus for 50 students to go on a college trip.

$1000 takes scholars on a weekend college tour to Los Angeles.

$2000 pays for an SAT/ACT prep instructor.

$3000 pays for the senior year complete program for a single student.

$3000 pays for an instructor for 5 weeks of summer instruction