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    We are the Next Generation Scholars!

    Next Generation Scholars believes equal access to higher education is the key to making positive change within our community.

We're In!


100% of Next Generation Scholars gain acceptance to 4 year colleges.
Today, Next Generation Scholars are thriving in some of America's best colleges including.....
UCD, USC, UCSC, UCSD,UC Berkeley, Occidental, Boston College, UCLA, Yale, Vassar, Santa Clara University, Willams and many more.

Student Voices

Student Voices

Finding one's voice and gaining the tools to present it to the world is integral to becoming college bound. Below, is the voice of Vincent Alvarez USC class of '13. Read his story and you will get a glimpse into the world of a Next Generation Scholar.

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Wish List

Want to become our Fairy Godparent? Just grant us a wish off of our wish list. To see what we have been wishing for, just click this link. With everything from literary criticism to paper towels on the list, there are so many ways to make our wishes come true.
Our Wish List

We are NGS!